djent rolls deep

Everyone loves a cover song. Most of your favorite bands have probably recorded or, at the very least, played a live cover of a song they love. Djent Rolls Deep is a free(!) compilation from The Djent-lemans Club that amalgamates over twenty djentspired cover versions and “remixes” of hip-hop and rap tracks and, well, it’s free so you have no reason not to give it a shot! As a consumer of both metal and hip-hop I can’t put across how much you need to hear Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘Can’t Hold Us’ beefed up with an almighty 8-string bump’n’grind.

As this compilation was open to entries from the wide world of social media there is an obvious range in quality, both production-wise and in songwriting but the majority have at least one moment where you’re going to grab your imaginary baritone and chug on those bottom strings like you’re back in your parents’ basement. As mentioned before the ‘Can’t Hold Us’ cover is more than worth a listen to along with the always hilarious ‘Groove Bitch’. Respect is definitely due for All Heavy Everything for channeling their inner Mushroomhead in their cover of the big Doggs’ “That’s Tha Homie’. Followers of the djent genre will more than likely find one or two songs on here that they have heard already (Hacktivists‘ cover of a song by THAT hip-hop artist who doesn’t get invited to very many awards shows) but there is plenty of new br00tz to be found in here for the unsuspecting fan.

Djent Rolls Deep can be downloaded for free from The Djentlemen’s Facebook page and has given this fellow several laughs and air guitar moments already, see if it does the same for you. Or not. You’re a grown-up. Make your own damn decisions!


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