You may have seen a post on Metalsucks last week that posed the question, “Is Evan Brewer out of The Faceless?” Indeed, bassist Evan Brewer had been noticeably absent from the group’s set during their current tour supporting Between the Buried and Me. However, on the show’s second night in Knoxville, TN, I was told that Evan Brewer had “prior engagements” and would be returning to the tour on a later date. I chalked it up to a mistake or open speculation on Metalsucks’ part. After all, The Faceless are no strangers to lineup changes; only one member of the group’s current iteration performed on their previous album Planetary Duality. Hell, their current lineup doesn’t even match the above photo for the current album cycle. It’d be entirely believable that they were having more lineup troubles.

However, it was pointed out that a few days prior to the first date of the tour, when Evan Brewer’s absence was first noticed, a post popped up on the Technical Death Metal subreddit warning others to catch The Faceless while they still can, as the group were facing an impending breakup:

Hey guys, I have a few friends in the music business.. and some ”little more than rumors” have popped up about The Faceless breaking up soon. Just be prepared. I don’t know if they are 100% true or just B.S., but if they are touring near you SEE THEM NOW. It may be your last chance. I’ve heard a lot of them, some from some people who have toured/are touring with them.

Of course, this could very well be nonsense, but given that this pre-dates Evan Brewer’s disappearance, it’s hard to chalk it up to a mere coincidence.

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