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Malta, a small island country just south of Sicily, isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of when it comes to churning out some truly brutal death metal. This clearly hasn’t bothered Abysmal Torment however, as the band have been plugging away for nearly thirteen years now and have began work on their upcoming and, as yet, untitled new album, recently unveiling a new track by the name of ‘Amidst Your Scorched Barren Shrine‘ in the form of a lyric video:


Now I could easily rail off a tonne of hyperbole about how they slam harder than Gorgasm and are as brutal as Gutteral Secrete, as I would normally but the simple fact is that ‘Amidst…‘ is an amazingly concise and crushing death metal track and you’re doing yourself a great disservice by not checking it out. There’s blasts, gargantuan riffs and a chorus that will worm it’s way into your head fairly early on — what more could you want?

UK fans can also catch the band on their upcoming tour alongside Inveracity and Neuroma, the details of which I grabbed from their Facebook page (be careful with the Leeds date though, as far as I can tell, it may have changed venues):


Birmingham – Asylum 2, Tues 24th Sept

Liverpool – Lomax, Wed 25th Sept

Edinburgh – Bannermans, Thurs 26th Sept

Leeds – Royal Park Cellars, Fri 27th Sept

London – The Garage, Sat 28th Sept

Bristol – The Exchange, Sun 29th Sept

More details can be found at –http://www.facebook.com/events/663274133690062/

– DL


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