shining live at oya

The transition that Shining underwent between 2010’s Blackjazz and this year’s One One One is quite a telling one — while the band still created huge bombastic industrial-rock anthems complete with skronky sax and frantic synths, they dropped a lot of the more free-form improvisation in favour of more structured and memorable tracks. In the live setting, the band weren’t afraid to drag out their Blackjazz material in huge 5+ minute noisy freak-outs you’d be forgiven for wondering whether their new material lends itself to that approach at all.

Thankfully, the band have begun to unveil a series of live videos taken from a recent performance at Øya Festival which shows the band experimenting a bit more, starting with, what is probably one of the most addictive tracks you’ll hear all year, ‘I Won’t Forget‘:


The extended jam at the end of the track extends it by at least two minutes and runs through plenty of discordant noise and off-kilter rhythms to keep fans of their previous freer style happy. Which, hopefully, points to two things; that the freedom of their live shows allows them to make some truly huge rackets that we’ll see in the rest of the upcoming videos and that the band realise that and will gracing us a new live album similar to the brilliance of Live Blackjazz. 

– DL

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