I’m not exactly sure what Kvelertak‘s latest music video is about, but what I can tell you is that the visuals are AMAZING — there you go, some David Draiman levels of excitement there for you. Created for one of the shortest tracks from their recently released Roadrunner debut Meir, ‘Evig Vandrar‘s new visual counterpart was directed by Torjus Førre Erfjord, who previously created the video for ‘Blodtørst‘ with the band. Check it out below:


The overarching imagery sort of reminds me of the lush visuals produced by a PS3 game by the name of Journey, but that’s probably a coincidence. Regardless, I thought that Meir was kind of overlooked in the sea of great music released this year so I’m glad to have another chance to talk about it and ‘Evig Vandrar‘ (which translates to ‘eternal youth’ for what it’s worth), while brief, certainly shows off the band’s patented crushing black ‘n’ roll.

[-via Exclaim]

– DL

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