Transient are a grindcore band featuring members of Book Of Belial, Black Hole Of Calcutta and Krysta Martinez, who you may as the vocalist who replaced Grace Perry after her departure from Landmine Marathon. They pedal some sickeningly crusty grindcore that concerns itself primarily with surging d-beats and punk-infused riffs, the sort you’d find tucked away behind a stack of Phobia and Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation 7″s soaking up all the filth it can.

Needless to say, Transient is infectious, in the ‘deadly disease’ sense of the word. You can stream the entire thing thanks to Blow The Scene and you only need around twenty minutes to inhale these 16 short, sharp shocks of grind fury — if you’re a fan of all things vicious then you’ll find more than enough venom on show here, whether it be the relentless blast of opener ‘Bottom Feeder‘ or the grooving mid-tempo stomp of ‘Praying Mantic‘.


– DL


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