Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters

It’s probably not fair to look too much into an album title, but when your upcoming record is entitled Everything Is Awesome/Nothing Matters then you’re bound to get a few quizzical glances. But vocalist and guitarist Mike Keller has an excellent and pretty inspiring answer to it, courtesy of an interview with Terrorizer, stating that the record came out of one the most difficult years of his life:

“In a year like that, the temptation is there to become despondent and angry with the world. But you do what you can to get through the day and in the end you become a stronger dude for it. The truth was always there but I was finally able to make some sense of it all. Life is a paradox: it is cruel and beautiful and any meaning comes from within. Embrace your insignificance and make what you want, just because you want to experience the journey of making it. Everything is awesome. Nothing matters.”


So keep that in mind as you listen to ‘More Always More/Less Is More‘ — if the combination of frantic hardcore riffing, strained screeches and pummeling drums isn’t enough to convince you that everything is awesome then you may need to rethink some things.


Everything Is Awesome/Nothing Matters will be released on the 22nd of October.


– DL

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