cloudkicker - subsume

Of course today’s first news post is for the new Cloudkicker album!

This passing Saturday (9/14), Cloudkicker dropped another brilliant new album in his already impressive enough discography with Subsume. This album acts as a very all-encompassing album, combining the sounds of the polyrhythmic metal from earlier works with the newer post-rock and fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins sort of sound heard on Fade.

Subsume really is the definitive Cloudkicker album. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this album, and based on the chunk of it I was able to hear so far, it’s right up there with Beacons. You can stream the record below via Bandcamp.

Be on the lookout for new movement from Cloudkicker via and Bandcamp. Subsume vinyl records are coming soon, and I want.

– JR


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