Russian Circles And Chelsea Wolfe Collaborate On ‘Memorial


Some bands are so ingrained on my psyche as being instrumental that the thought of them ever having vocals with their music seems incredibly alien. Take for instance post-rock group Russian Circles, whose introspective and measured approach to the sound has been blowing minds for nearly ten years now — who could you possibly trust to the lay vocals on top of it without at all overshadowing and masking it? The answer: Chelsea Wolfe.

Rolling Stone has the stream of a new track by the name of ‘Memorial taken from the album of the same name that features the collaboration between the two parties. Honestly, it’s amazing — Wolfe’s haunting ethereal voice delicately hangs on the music and enhances it rather than stealing the spotlight, while it’s a very dark and subdued track compared to some of their other material it’s definitely the most invested I’ve been in a new track from the band in a while. Let’s just hope this results in more collaborations in the future.

Memorial will be released on October 29th through Sargent House.


– DL


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