It’s tough being a metal fan these days. With this much good music coming out, how on Earth are we meant to keep up?

I mean, I’ve only just managed to get caught up with the latest Soulfly record and its October 1st release date is just around the corner. Initially, I was a little dubious as the band have lost what was one of the main draws of their previous record Enslaved, in the hyper-precise drumming of David Kinkade (ex-Borknagar), but after hearing ‘Master Of Savagery‘ I’m a little less worried. You can listen below, it’s not as intensely fast as Enslaved was, but it’s definitely more groovy which I think plays more to the band’s strengths:


Alongside this, the album is apparently loaded with guest appearances including Clutch‘s Neil Fallon, Napalm Death‘s Mitch Harris and I Declare War‘s Jamie Hanks, which Max Cavalera discusses in the video below:


While this is all well and good, where the hell is Fred Durst?

[-via The PRP]

– DL


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