Everyone’s favourite deranged madman/vocalist Mikee Goodman is back and with a new project in tow. Outpatients features the vocalist taking on dual vocal duties alongside an, as of right now, unnamed female vocalist, set over the top of some frantic electronic/industrial rock. It’s an interesting mix for sure and you can hear it for yourself in the form of a track entitled ‘Throw Rocks‘:

THROW ROCKS ou†pa†ien†s from OUTPATIENTS on Vimeo.

The announcement came through the SikTh Facebook page, alongside some now obligatory words on the eventual reunion of SikTh:

Alright everyone, Mikee here. I would like to start by saying. That I have said in many interviews of recent day, and still do today. Once SikTh reunite. I’m there. I look forward to that. But, until that happens. I have to make other music. And I hope people will be open minded to what I am about to tell you.

I have a new band to announce, it is the heaviest, most frantic band I have done since SikTh. I am singing dual vocals with a Japanese female singer.

If you are a fan of my voice and lyrics, I think this would interest you a lot. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea I know that, but I would be grateful if you give it a chance.

We have a UK tour booked for October. You can see at this link

And a music video for you all to see at this link


So be sure to check them out if you’re in the UK, if the live show is half as bonkers as the music, you should be in for a treat.


– DL

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