strangelight 9 days

Strangelight seems like one of those perfect little occurrences that happen every once in a while — call it stars aligning or whatever you want, but when a group of musicians featuring members of ThursdayGoes CubeMade Of Out Babies and Red Sparowes amongst others can get together and record a tribute to some of their favourite Fugazi, DC and AmphRep classics in 9 days, then I’d say it was a great achievement. Especially when you hear the quality, which you can sample with the release of ‘White Feather‘, available to stream through AltSounds:


The group call their music ‘simple and honest’ and shamelessly state that they are ‘aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, just taking the dust jackets off the old classics and melting the vinyl down for fun’ — you can definitely hear that in ‘White Feather‘.

9 Days will see an October 8th release through Sacrament Music.

– DL


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