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Indian progressive-thrash metallers Undying Inc. have made a comeback after a two year long hiatus with their new single ‘Ironclad’. Last year, Undying Inc. saw itself crumbling away when two out of the four band-members, vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar and drummer Yuvraj Sen, left. Luckily, vocalist Shashank and the band resolved their issues with one another and we’re finally getting to see the band coming back to it’s former glory with such a stellar and mind-bending track. Take a listen below!

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I, personally, hold a lot of respect for this immensely talented band. Not only was their gig the first I ever attended, but they single-handedly helped create the entire tech-death scene within the country. No other band in India could hold a candle to the technicalities of Undying Inc. Their previous album Aggressive World Dynasty was testament to that.

Talking about the track, first off, it’s definitely clear that this time around the band has made a drastic change with their sound. This new track was produced by acclaimed producer Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor fame. They’ve now opted for a more popular djent sound in comparison to the more traditional death-metal sound they had on their last album. It’s still early to say if this is the sound the band actually wanted to go with or if Keshav Dhar is only capable of producing the same sounding albums over and over again. It’s really hard to tell.

The sound on their previous effort Aggressive World Dynasty, produced by Anupam Roy (Bhayanak Maut and Scribe), was a lot fuller and the mix gave every instrument the space it needed. On this track, the overbearing guitars completely overshadow all the other instruments. Compared to their previous album, even the brutality on this track seems quite held back with lesser chaotic math-metal and more groove oriented djent.

Is this new direction in sound a welcome change from their previous Aggressive World Dynasty-era sound? Or is this a step backward for a band that was known to have an uncompromising attitude at pushing the limits of extreme metal? Have your say in the comments!


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