Vildhjarta - Thousands of Evils

We’ve been waiting for the new Vildhjarta EP Thousands of Evils for a little while, but things have been pretty quiet from the band and their label on that front for some time. I didn’t expect anything to come of the EP until next year at the current rate, but it looks like the EP is nearing release, as a new track ‘Dimman’ — Swedish for ‘Mist’ has surfaced online.

What strikes me is that the stream doesn’t look all that official. Was this a leak or one of those sly “official” leaks to get the hype machine buzzing? At any rate, it’s working, because this track is awesome. It changes things up for the band in a big way, predominately featuring acoustic guitars. Check it out below:


No official word on Thousands of Evils yet, but when something happens, we’ll let you know.


– JR

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