humanitys last breath

Humanity’s Last Breath aren’t a band that I was hugely familiar with until the weekend gone, but with their self-titled upcoming debut album being set for release later this month, I’m glad I chose the ‘late’ option rather than the ‘never’ option. The band recently released a new track by the name of ‘Bellua Pt. 1‘ and made it available for streaming, check it out below:


Fans of juddering and discordant deathcore will be in distortion heaven here — the riffs are sickeningly heavy and each change is designed to throw you completely off course, needless to say I’m pretty excited to see what Humanity’s Last Breath has to offer. And while it’s a little crass, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Vildhjarta released a new track too — personally, I can easily see room for both of these bands in my listening time, the differences are there even if they are subtle.

Humanity’s Last Breath will be out September 24th through Rogue Records America. Pre-orders are available at Bandcamp.

– DL


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