The accuracy of that title totally depends on your tolerance for Korn during their Untouchables-era, so if you’ve always thrown Korn under the bus for contributing to the rise of nu-metal, then by all means, you will not like this song. For the rest of us raised on the group, this new track is more along the lines of what we’re wanting to hear.

The track can be streamed and downloaded at Korn France — just press the button that says “Telecharger”.

Unlike the godawful first single ‘Never Never,’ this new track ‘Love & Meth’ sounds huge in all the right ways, and like I said, sounds like it could have been a cut from Untouchables, which is something I’ve been wanting since Head’s return to the band. There’s the weird guitar interplay going on in the verse (however sparse it may be), but that chorus seals the deal for me. It’s massive, catchy, but not overtly dumb. I approve.

Here’s to hoping The Paradigm Shift is more along the lines of ‘Love & Meth’ than ‘Never Never.’ It’ll be out October 4th on Prospect Park.

– JR


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