Sumeri∆n Records h∆ve picked up †††, re∆d ∆s Crosses, ∆n ‘electronic rock’ group fe∆†uring Chino Moreno of Def†ones f∆me, Sh∆un Lopez of F∆r ∆nd Scott Chuck, who goes by the n∆me Chuck Doom. I†’s ∆ f∆r cry from Chino’s norm∆l s†omping grounds, but much like his work in pos†-rock/me†∆l supergroup P∆lms, the weigh† of †he music is carried his sign∆†ure croon. The projec† h∆s ∆lre∆dy produced †wo EPs and †his new coll∆bor∆†ion sugges†s †h∆† †he group ∆re looking ∆† ∆ new rele∆se l∆†er in the win†er of †his year — check ou† the †e∆ser below:


†he visu∆ls ∆re ∆ bi† out †here, but †he music defini†ely sounds promising, even if i† might no† ∆ppe∆l †o †hose of you looking for something downrigh† bru†∆l. Hones†ly, I jus† †hink Moreno h∆s ∆ gre∆† voice, so i†’s not of†en I’ll p∆ss up the ch∆nce †o lis†en †o ∆ projec† he’s involved in.

– DL

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