I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time keeping up with all these Dillinger Escape PlanxMastodonxThe Mars VoltaxCavalera projects that keep coming out of the woodwork. I remember something about ‘Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’ that had Weinman, Hinds and Theodore, then there was the Nailbomb sounding project with Puciato and Cavalera and now there’s this — it looks to be an extension of the second one but how can I be super hyped when I can’t even keep up with the line up? Deep existential questions aside, that roster will easily raise a few eye brows and I’m really interested in what they can come up with. Max detailed the situation in a recent interview with Terrorizer stating the group were about to start recording with a 2014 release in mind:

“It’s going to be cool, we just don’t have a name yet, the name is a pain in the ass to find a name but the music is great. We have been working on this for two years!

Greg approached me kinda like how Alex [Newport] approached me to do Nailbomb in that he was really, really trying to get me to do this project. I told him already I was pretty busy doing Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy [and] I was not really looking for an extra thing, but he was pretty insistent and then I just gave up and was like ‘let’s fucking do this!’

“It started with just me and Greg and then we got Dave Elitch – he’s an amazing drummer – and then Greg knew Troy and we asked him to be the bassist so it kind of became a supergroup all of a sudden. We jammed a couple of times and the last jam we did it sounded killer; the songs are really powerful real heavy. It’s hard to describe but I think the coolest thing about this project is that all three of us are going to sing on every song.”

The prospect of two projects of this type is amazing — will be interesting to see what happens when you get some of the most unique and identifiable musicians in the metal scene today together.


– DL


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