You all probably know good and well our obsession with avant garde music. I love that feeling of confusion and challenge that comes when listening to weird boundary pushing music. That feeling of cognitive dissonance isn’t for everyone, but I thrive on it. After a while though, it gets harder to find things that surprise you, but I’ve managed to stumble across Italian  band OvO, who have managed to thoroughly perplexed me.

The group’s latest single, ‘Tokoloshi,‘ is some strange oddity that mates noise with tribal music. It’s not a sound easily put to words, and is better left to fall on the ears of listeners. Watch the video for the track below.


The track will appear on the duo’s new album Abisso, which is due out on November 4th through Supernatural Cat. I’m sure the album will be eclectic enough to make it even more of a mindfuck than ‘Tokoloshi‘ makes it out to be.

– JR


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