Gigan, everyone’s favorite slapstick-ready tech death band, have a new album coming up in about a month called Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-Science. We’ve been getting a slow drip of new material for a while, and the trend continues with the equally awesome ‘Mother of Toads.’

The track is available for streaming at Invisible Oranges. Writer Doug Moore gives the track an adequately vivid review:

“Mother of Toads” opens and closes with their clattering FX-pedal violence; Eric Hersemann’s guitar sounds like it turns into water at about 9 seconds in. The assault is so bracing that you could miss the surprisingly pretty restrained passage that lies at the track’s heart. Gigan’s willingness to do stuff like this — to exercise occasional restraint amidst all the clanging — makes them a thrilling listen, even if you’re familiar with their rather elaborate schtick. It is an exciting time to be a death metal fan.

An exciting time indeed. This year has seen releases from many greats in the genre; Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ulcerate, and Gorguts, to name just a few currently dominating our listening habits. You’ll be able to add Gigan’s Something Science Magic Fun Time Yeah to that list when it comes out October 15th on Willowtip Records.

– JR


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