veilvildh tour teaser

Last time a bunch of bands shared an enigmatic teaser image, we were quick to cry “tour” and ended up being wrong. This time though, it’s looking a bit more solid. Veil of Maya, Structures, Northlane, Here Comes The Kraken, and Vildhjarta all shared the same image (above, sans question mark), which raised a few flags on our end. Given our miss before, we decided to tap the brakes and wait to get an official announcement. However, I’ve since heard that the tour is indeed happening, and the five bands will tour North America later this year.

There’s no dates confirmed on our end right now, but we can obviously expect an announcement soon since the hype train has already left the station. Veil of Maya (who are presumably headlining) put on one hell of a crowd-commanding show, so I’d love to catch them again. I’d be excited about Here Comes The Kracken if they hadn’t traded in their deathcore sound for some dumb nu-metal throwback. When I’m most stoked for is Vildhjarta though, whose first US tour has been LONG overdue. I will buy all of those glorious Swedes Big Macs if they make it to a date close by.

We’ll pass along more info when we get it.

– JR


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