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How excited are you for Protest the Hero‘s new album Volition? I know we’re all excited over it here at Heavy Blog, and I’ve been checking my inbox daily for the promo copy from Razor & Tie (by the way, if any R&T folks are reading this, pls respond). Now imagine my excitement when I saw that Metalsucks had the honor of premiering the first single from the album, ‘Clarity,’ first thing this morning.

I can’t listen to the track right now since I’m at work, so it’s killing me. The excitement must be killing a lot of others as well, because Metalsucks has been up and down since, so you might have to wait until the commotion dies down before the page will load enough for the stream to work. I’m told the track features regularly collaborating vocalist Jadea Kelly, who performed as the titular character from their debut full-length Kezia and on ‘Hair Trigger‘ from Scurrilous, so that’s good to hear!

Elsewhere, Protest the Hero gave some insight on the album’s artwork (above) and the packaging:

First thing’s first, the cover art for the standard release of Volition is [above].  It was done by the incredible Jeff Jordan and we love it.  This is an o-card cover so there is plenty more artwork underneath, and the vinyl release of the standard issue will have alternate artwork which we aren’t ready to show off yet.  Trust us, it’s epic.

The band also launched pre-orders for the album, and there’s a lot to choose from, including a bath robe for no reason. Sweet! Get your order in before the album sees release on October 29th through Razor & Tie records.

– JR

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