pig destroyer

Book Burner was a pretty interesting record in terms of how it was received. I wouldn’t call it controversial, but there was a surprising amount of people suggesting it lacked the same spark that Phantom Limb had even taking into account the necessary 5% of fans that always think previous work is better. Regardless, I loved it and am always excited about hearing new material from the band, which is exactly what we have here in ‘The Octagonal Stairway‘, a new track released through the Adult Swim Singles Series.

The player’s a little wonky, it’s located in the bottom left, but the track is searing. All the hallmarks of classic Pig Destroyer are there, including tight and angular riffs, endless blasts and an unbearably tense atmosphere. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like something scraped up off the cutting room floor from their work leftover on Book Burner so don’t skip on it, if that’s what you’re worried about.

Also, there’s a Lightning Bolt track there too, check that out while you’re there.

[-via MetalSucks]

– DL

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