fit for an autopsy - hellbound

After a recent discussion in the Heavy Blog group about the best deathcore releases ever, I found out I know little to nothing about the genre. Every album I really loved was barely even considered a part of the genre so I tore up my official Metal Elitist card and got to work on finding other sections of knowledge to try and feel superior about. For instance, did you know that the voice actor for Vamp from Metal Gear Solid also played Marvin from Pulp Fiction?

More to the point, Fit For An Autopsy are deathcore. I’m sure of it. And their new track ‘Thank You, Budd Dwyer‘ is comprised of three solid minutes of chunky and relentless blasts and grooves that I can’t get enough of. Check it out in the stream below:


There isn’t a single riff on show that falls short of being crushing and by the time they reach that climactic breakdown near the end, complete with complimentary ‘BLEGH’s, you’ll be sold on them. Seriously, I may not be that familiar with the genre but I know great heavy music when I hear it and Hellbound is shaping up to be to be one hell of a record.

It’ll be released this time next week, September 10th, through eOne Records so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

– DL

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