bear rain

You might remember Bear (still not sure whether it’s meant to be fully capatalized or not) as the latest signing of those lovely people over at Basick Records. Well, they’ve wasted no time in promoting the band, as they just debuted a new video from the band over at Metalsucks.

Rain‘ is equal parts spazzy and groovy and I definitely have to agree with the comparison they give on the page — suggesting that Bear are the bastard son of Helmet and Textures. Throw in a hefty pinch of prime era Botch and I think you’re starting to get to grips with this band. The track is taken from Noumenon, which will see an October release.

And if you’re still in doubt about whether to check it out, the comments section is pretty much all crying and complaining and we all know if MetalSucks commenters hate it, that usually means it’s great.


– DL

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