robin staps the ocean

Let’s not sugarcoat it, Pelagial was great. And what’s better than a good thing? More of it! Thankfully, German prog könige The Ocean Collective dropped a small tidbit today in a Facebook update today concerning a new EP coming early next year. The update mainly detailed the band’s downtime in between shows and the glorious scenery they’ve been enjoying, but this little detail was tucked away at the end:

A perfect place also to write lyrics for 2 leftover songs from the “Pelagial” recording session, which will be released as an EP some time early next year, eventually…

So yeah, The Ocean are unstoppable writing machines. Considering the last two records could be seen as double albums; HeliocentricAnthropocentric and the two discs of Precambrian — it seems they’ve always got something in the works. Honestly, we’re spoiled.

– DL


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