I can count on my right hand the number of bad songs Red Fang have put out. And that’s why you don’t put your hands anywhere near a woodchipper. This Portland based group continue their flawless streak with a new track by the name of ‘Blood Like Cream‘, taken from their upcoming album Whales & Leeches, that rocks harder than anything I’ve heard all year and contains a chorus that’ll crawl directly into your brain and take up residence.

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Spin has the exclusive and an in-depth discussion of the band with the Melvins’ Jared Warren, who sums it up more eloquently than I could:

The record sounds very excellent and professional, you can tell that they’ve been practicing their instruments. Their songs sound more thought-out and trippier. Bryan and Aaron sound like they’ve gotten better at singing. Every song has a riff you like. Mike Scheidt from YOB sings on a song, so you’re gonna like that. It sounds more mature, like good cheese or your Aunt Sharon. Do you want me to keep rubbing your ear crotch? Sorry, I’m kind of a tease! You’re just going to have to take a few minutes to listen and let Red Fang’s filthy hands take the wheel, then come up with your own adjectives and opinions. I think it’s a great record and they’re going to make folks proud. I hope they don’t get all famous and stuck up and then the VH1 special and, oh Christ.

Hell, I’d watch the VH1 special.

– DL


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