Tasmania is one of the best spawning grounds for metal, this is a fact and I can prove it. Precisely 100% of the metal bands I’ve heard from this tiny island state of Australia have been great — in true infowars style, I’ll gloss over the fact that I’ve only heard two bands from there, but still, the statistics speak for themselves. Mephistopheles are the latest purveyors of brutality from this little piece of the globe and are the latest project to see light of day featuring legendary Psycroptic/Spawn Of Possession vocalist Matthew ‘Chalky’ Chalk.

The band are readying their Willowtip Records debut, Sounds Of The End, which pedals dissonant and raw tech-death and apparently draws inspiration from a whole of acts including Deeds Of Flesh, Opeth and most obviously AtheistDecibel are streaming a new track by the name of ‘Silver Doors’ and it’s juddering and vicious approach to death metal shows that this band are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Chalky gave his thoughts on the project stating:

“I cannot wait to know what people think of this album. It’s been ten fucking years since Psycroptic’s Scepter of the Ancients, and this is my first album on which I’ve been lead vocalist since then. This is a very exciting time for me, the birth of a new era, and I think what Mephistopheles have achieved is every bit as fresh and compelling as SotA seemingly was back in 2003. The riffs, the instrumentation, the sound — it’s all fluent and multi-dimensional, and just waiting to bust its way out of some speakers and into the lives of as many metal loving maniacs as possible! It’s our personal soundtrack to the Apocalypse. But it’s not all doom and gloom. This is should probably be called Party of the End because musically, it’s pretty upbeat.”

The Party Of The End sounds like it should be a hell of a lot of fun.


– DL


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