chimp spanner

Chimp Spanner returns! After a short break following the release of the brilliant EP All Roads Lead Here last year, Paul Antonio Ortiz has unveiled a new site that will act as a hub for updates that document the creation and release of a brand new full length and will feature everything from tutorials to song teasers.

The first entry focuses on preparation for the album and even features a short teaser that is said to represent one of the heavier moments on the album. It’s classic Chimp, filled with soulful and tasteful leads and sharp, staccato rhythms — all very promising material for any previous fans. It also mentions another teaser that will apparently feature on the album by the working name of ‘Arpeggio Idea’, which I believe can be found in the video below:


However, if that doesn’t sate your appetite, there’s still time to listen to one of the best pieces of instrumental metal music in the last decade!


– DL

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