katatonia dethroned

Recently, melancholic rockers Katatonia successfully crowdfunded a new album, Dethroned & Uncrowned, a re-imagining of last year’s Dead End Kings. The band sought to rework the songs across Dead End Kings to make them more atmospheric and stripped down, with emphasis on ambiance and acoustic instruments. On paper, this idea seemed wonderful, as the band’s sound could easily make the leap towards somber minimalism. In exhibition though… it works so much better than I thought.

The band have made available the first look at Dethroned & Uncrowned through the track, ‘The Once You Are Looking For Is Not Here.‘ The transition is remarkable, and the song is a thing of beauty. Check out the lyric video for the track below:


Dethroned & Uncrowned will be available September 9th through KScope Records.

– JR


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