skindred - ninja

Remember the other week when I lamented the safeness and future of ‘radio rock’ and it’s various derivatives? No? Well I did.

And lo and behold, Skindred return with their answer to the problem, in the form of another short, sharp ragga-metal anthem by the name of ‘Ninja‘. The band have always been somewhat of an outlier in the rock and metal scenes, stretching all the way back to the mid 90’s when they went by the name Dub War, taking infectious grooves (that later bored themselves into the psyche of nu-metal) and Benji Webbe’s unique vocals and splicing them together to make a sound that crunches like un-trodden snow — fresh and satisfying:


While it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea, I’d still much rather see a future where Skindred are tearing up festivals, not from the mid-day slot as they are at the moment but right at the top. Their music is interesting and, whether it be by choice or coincidence, completely untouched by other acts. Hell, if nothing else I just hope they’re making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game/movie so this can be the killer soundtrack.

– DL


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