arsonists get all the girls - listen to the colorArsonists Get All The Girls

Listen to the Color

01. Setting Course For Disaster
02. When I Was Your Age Pluto Was Still A Planet
03. Bottle City
04. MK-ULTRA: Psychotropic Puppets
05. MK-DELTA: Glorified Killers
06. Disease Test The Best
07. Balloon Battle
08. Listen To The Color
09. Beast Fist
10. Bardonis Chonies
11. Play the Sheep
12. My Newest Vision
13. Ride The Wave
14. Watchers
15. Sunny Places For Shady People

[Self Released]

When we interviewed Arsonists Get All The Girls keyboardist/vocalist Sean Richmond earlier this year (which was published on the album release date), he described the album in the form of the question, “What planet are we on?” At the time, it was easy to write the description off as a silly comeback to a silly question, but now it’s clear that his answer holds water. Listen to the Color is as apt a title as any, considering how the effects of psychedelic drugs must have had a major influence on the creation of this album. Pulling from throughout the band’s discography and myriad influences, Listen to the Color could possibly be their best album yet.

Given the band’s history, it’s hard telling how the band are even still around. Members have come and gone in almost revolving door fashion. Founding member Remi Rodberg makes a return as lead vocalist, and with him comes a return to the band’s roots. With Portals and Motherland, much of the band’s grindcore influence was left behind for a more progressive deathcore-oriented sound that wowed us nonetheless; Portals has been declared as Heavy Blog’s top deathcore album at one point in time, in fact. The grind is now back in spades for Listen to the Color, with many surprises to be found within.

This record is loud, fast, and spastic — but most importantly, this album strikes the balance between dumb fun and progressive intelligence with a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance and destroyed expectations. Listen to the Color is peppered with fast-burning and abrasive grind tracks with their fair share of hooks like ‘Beast Fist’ and ‘Disease Test The Best,’ but the irreverence the band have been known for hasn’t been lost. For instance, drummer Garin Rosen takes lead vocal duties on outrageous surf-rock jam ‘Ride The Wave,‘ while the band pays homage to Mario Kart with the mind-bending instrumental, ‘Balloon Battle.’ The group even closes the album with an almost out-of-character (if such a thing were possible) instrumental track, ‘Sunny Places For Shady People.’

What Listen to the Color lacks through its brevity — clocking in at just over 20 minutes in length — is made up for in its sheer creativity, which is doubly excusable considering how abrasive the album can be at times. Remi Rodberg’s unique voice can be grating for those who discovered the band with Portals, but Rodberg quickly finds charm in his high range screams as he finds balance with Sean Richmond’s lows. Musically, the band fuses grind guitars and deathcore breakdowns, a prospect which may turn off potential new listeners, but the seamless integration of the band’s many influences in a single package makes each song an important entry in the AGATG catalog.

Without a doubt, Listen to the Color is one of the best progressive and experimental extreme metal albums you’ll hear this year.  This most recent lineup change and the spirit of independence have done wonders; this is an album from a band who long ran out of fucks to give, and they’re better off for it. They may be less active as a touring unit these days, but if these beach bums can keep putting out studio albums of this caliber, we’ll have nothing to worry about.


Arsonists Get All The Girls – Listen to the Color gets…


– JR

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