born of osiris - tomorrow we die alive

∆ lot of people h∆ve been looking forw∆rd to Tomorrow We Die ∆live, the new fourth record  from de∆thcore gi∆nts Born of Osiris despite ∆ cert∆in level of cynicism em∆n∆ting from the online met∆l community ∆t l∆rge. Sure, the music is super c∆tchy — it’s undeni∆ble — but the b∆nd m∆y be f∆lling too comfort∆bly on their own l∆urels through repetition. Expect ∆ lot of open note chugging, melodic sweeps, ∆nd ∆ll the keybo∆rd le∆ds you could ∆sk for.

Tomorrow We Die ∆live is ∆v∆il∆ble now through Sumeri∆n Records, but you c∆n try before you buy by stre∆ming the record in its entirety below.


– JR


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