Never missed but long overdue. This time featuring brutal death metal from Ukraine, droning doom from the UK and spazzy grind from Canada.

Derogation shred fret-boards, drum skins and faces in ‘Abhorrent Fornication


Featuring an ex-member of brutal death metal legends Defeated Sanity amongst others, Derogation take an approach to death metal that is recklessly fast and slams hard. Taken from their upcoming debut Revival Of A Nest Ignorant, set for release on September 30th through Permeated Records, ‘Abhorrent Fornication‘ is stomps through four minutes of light-speed blasting, finger-mashing shredding and more turn-on-a-dime time changes than many bands manage in their entire career. Perfect wake up material for a dreary Monday.

Undersmile drone and drone and drone and drone and doom in ‘Milk


Milk‘ taken from Undersmile‘s 2012 release, Narwhal, pedals some suffocatingly heavy and slow-as-molasses doom that is driven by the haunting dual female vocals that sit at the forefront of it all. It’s a mix that certainly is an acquired taste and is more hypnotic than it is immediately satisfying, but for the longest time I’ve been looking for a band that could match the oppressive and depressive atmosphere that pervaded that last Harvey Milk album. And I think I finally found it.

Pretty Mouth aren’t so pretty as ‘Ghosts


Sitting somewhere between the dissonant groove of noise rock and the frantic pulse of grindcore, Pretty Mouth make a pretty pleasing racket in ‘Ghosts‘, taken from their upcoming full length Fears which will see an October 30th release. It’s got that sort of ‘teetering on the brink of collapse’ feel to the track and cycles through a myriad of skronky riffs and stuttering passages. Daughters fans need to take notice immediately.

– DL

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