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Put on your sleuthing hats, ladies and gents, it’s time for speculation. Earlier today, on the UK digital radio station Team Rock Radio, the transmission was interrupted by the almighty Ziltoid stating that his ‘hour was getting close’ and providing us with one of the best ‘knock knock’ jokes ever conceived. You can listen to the full exchange here:


A little more digging unveiled this tweet from back in early June:

Holy crap! It looks like Ziltoid got his own radio show! ZR? Update soon…

Now it doesn’t take a Scott Shelby to deduce that maybe these two things are causally related and Devin has revealed before that his work on Z2 extends beyond just an album, so hopefully we’re getting a radio show from the omniscient himself. Hell, if nothing else, it means that we’re getting closer and closer to the completion of the album. Colour me excite.

– DL


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