Up-and-coming grind sensations Wormrot recently performed at the annual Baybeats Festival in their home country of Singapore with the intentions of turning the performance into a live CD/DVD release, but for some reason or another, those plans fell through. Luckily, they’re not just gonna be sitting on the footage and wait to see if the opportunity for an “official” release becomes a possibility again; the group uploaded the ~40 minute set to YouTube for fan enjoyment the world over. Check out the video and setlist below, featuring four brand new tracks from the band’s upcoming 3rd album.


1. Left To Rot
2. Loathsome Delusions
3. One Round Away
4. Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass
5. Outburst Of Annoyance
6. Exterminate
7. Erased Existence
8. Retarded Collision
9. False Grind Sodomy
10. A Dead Issue
11. Public Display Of Infection
12. New Song (3rd Album)
13. Spot A Pathetic
14. Set To Kill
15. In Turmoil
16. New Song (3rd Album)
17. Breed To Breed
18. Evolved Into Nothing
19. Sledgehammer
20. Critical Human Stupidity
21. New Song (3rd Album)
22. New Song (3rd Album)
23. Manipulation
24. New Song (3rd Album)
25. Compulsive Disposition
26. Final Insult
27. Fix Your Broken Mind
28. Born Stupid

We’ve got something special in store soon that more than vaguely involves Wormrot, so stick around.

– JR

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