Baroness bus crash

It’s been a whole year since the tragic bus crash that nearly stomped on the lives and careers of Baroness. The whole situation was a terrifying reminder of just how dangerous touring can be sometimes and even caused a two members of the band to quit completely while guitarists John Baizley and Peter Adams strived onwards. It all cuts a little close to home for me, as I still drive that hill on occasion and often wonder how the hell they managed to navigate a tour bus around some of it. Nevertheless, the band took to Facebook late last night to deliver their thoughts on the matter and how they’ve managed and coped since the crash:

August 15 – One Year Later

Today is the anniversary of the Baroness tour bus crash, a day on which nine passengers, all musicians and crew on a tour-bus bound for Southhampton, UK, could have lost their lives. The miraculous and astoundingly simple fact is that we all survived. While I will not speak directly about what anyone individually has gone through since the moment of impact, I can easily say that we have all gotten better and moved on. Yes, there are aches, pains, anxieties and frustrations that accompany us to this day, but they seem somewhat trivial when compared with the imminent end we all thought so certain as our bus plummeted off the viaduct to the ground below. None of us has had a particularly easy year, we have all been forced by matter of circumstance to gain a immense level of respect for the severity of our accident. We have all had to heal, in vastly different ways. Similarly, we have each taken uniquely different paths in the wake of rehabilitation and recovery. It comes as a great relief to me personally that, in spite of all the trauma and confusion, each of us has, in our beautifully individual way, powered through the dreadful and dark imprint that August 15, 2012 left on us. The strength and focus that each one of us found after that day has been inspiring; we each took our due time, defined a goal through which we could move past that moment, strapped on our proverbial boots and marched forward with resolutely. For some, it took a matter of weeks to get back on tour again; for others it meant changing the personal and professional course of our lives. Not one of us faltered; and we have, each of us, earned this bittersweet anniversary with the help of one other, with our own strength of conviction, our mutual support, and with a passionate tenacity to appreciate and make something positive and constructive of our lives, for which we now have a much deeper appreciation. I love each of you more than I have the capacity to write here, and I can barely relate the gratitude I have for all of those family members, friends, and total strangers who lent us a hand along the way. You were there when we needed it most.

For my brothers and sisters of the Brassknocker Hill crash. We are bound to one another. Raise a glass, embrace those you love, appreciate the delicate and all-too-brief magnificence of life.

Once more. Till the wheels fall off. . .

Pete Adams
John Baizley
Allen Blickle
Jason Lupeituu
Yvonne Maclean
Matt Maggioni
Norman Markus
Marek Sarba
Lindsey Zakopal


All I can say is, I’m so glad they’re still going. MetalSucks’ piece on the matter puts it far more eloquently than I could and unearthed this great video which a mixture of an interview with the band on the subject and some live footage ‘March To The Sea‘.


– DL


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