hivesmasher video still

Hivesmasher‘s Gutter Choir, released late last year, was by far one of the best grind releases of that year and, keeping in mind grind-messiahs Pig Destroyer also put out Book Burner at basically the same time, that’s a hell of a feat. The band recently released a new music video for a track from that album, ‘En Route To Meatland‘, that was premiered via Metal Injection and much like their music, it’s abrasive as hell.

An advance warning is probably necessary; anyone with photosensitive epilepsy should steer well clear and anyone who’s a bit squeamish to the brutal truths of the meat industry may not want to eat directly before watching.


Be sure to like the band on Facebook and tell them they’re lovely weirdos and their videos make you feel icky. Oh, and that their profile picture is the best.

– DL

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