Arsis‘ Unwelcome is a true gem in the metal world — a glorious culmination of everything the band have been hinting at and aiming for over the last decade. The more I hear it, the more I’m convinced the best work they’ve ever produced and so I’m more than happy to see, possibly one of my favourite tracks of the year, get the video treatment it deserves.

Filled with some amazingly crass humour and the sort of liberal use of guts ‘n’ gore that would make Troma Entertainment proud, ‘Scornstar‘ takes the band’s intense live show and puts it in front of a crowd that is literally falling apart. It’s every bit as cheesy and as hilarious as you would expect, check it out:


Obviously, it requires people to use their sense of humour and not take things 100% seriously, which I fully understand is extremely hard for some sections of the metal community, but this is way better than any stock warehouse performance video.

– DL

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