Disappointed with the recent announcement that Behemoth will be delaying their new album The Satanist to early 2014?

Well, today we finally get our first look into the album, with the surfacing of a live bootleg of ‘Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel‘, presumably from The Satanist, taken from their recent performance at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic. The footage is of a surprisingly good quality (well until the blasts kick in anyway), meaning you can at least get to grips with the outline of the track. Check it out below:


Although a lot of the nuances of the track are lost when it finally kicks into the highest gear, it’s pretty obvious that this classic Behemoth — majestic, grandiose and downright heavy. It may be a complete extrapolation from a bootleg of one track, but this definitely points to The Satanist being worth the wait.

– DL


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