art by numbersArt by Numbers, circa February 2013.

You may remember Art By Numbers as the ridiculously talented group of young prodigies that released one of the best albums of last year, Reticence: The Musical. Unfortunately, after a short radio silence, the band have returned and announced they are on the search for a new vocalist and drummer, replacing previous members Anthony Chacon and Dennis Peraza respectively.

The statement reads as:

UPDATE: We are currently looking for a new vocalist and drummer.
That being said, we are now taking tryouts.
Pick a song that you think shows versatility, and send your cover to [email protected]

We are still writing a new album and in the process of booking studio time.

We appreciate your support!

The band also quietly replaced guitarist Dustin Georgeson with a new member by the name of Charlie Robbins, although this may have been earlier in the year as I can’t find much information on it.

Line-up changes are always a shame, especially when they come in such numbers from a such a promising group, but the band is always a better judge of necessary than us. So, hopefully there’s no bad blood between the camps and with studio time being booked, here’s to hoping we won’t have to wait too long to hear what this new line-up has to offer.

– DL


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