Russian Circles were one of those bands I was always aware of but never made an effort to get into for various reasons. I’d come across the group on my ‘SLEEEEEEEP’ Pandora station, which consisted of post-rock and ambient music. I always enjoyed the group when a song of theirs played, but in the context of the whole station, instrumental music of this caliber tended to blend together as beautiful background music without much emphasis on who did what. Not the best kind of setup for discovery, I know.

This all changed this year when I saw the band on tour in support of Coheed and Cambria and Between the Buried and Me. Their live set is nothing short of mesmerizing; I’ve never been so enthralled by a live instrumental band before. Since then, you can often see me walking around sporting Russian Circles merch, because they earned a fan that night for sure.

As with any relatively recent music discovery, the best part is an impending album cycle with new music on the horizon to anticipate. With this in mind, I’m greatly looking forward to Russian Circles’ new record, Memorial. The first track to be made available, ‘Deficit,’ can be streamed below. It’s less post-rock atmospherics and more doom/sludge. Looks like the new material is going to be massively heavy.


Memorial will be available October 29th through Sargeant House Records.

– JR

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