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01. (Beeltenis)
02. No Rest For The Weary
03. Upheaval
04. As I Look Into the Abyss
05. The Abyss Looks Into Me
06. Condor Tongue
07. Offer Aan De Leegte
08. Agartha
09. Nomads
10. Clair Obscur

[Deathwish Inc.]

Oathbreaker are a young Belgian hardcore band you’ve probably never heard of. This quartet of young musicians only recently entered the hardcore scene, and already they’re starting to make a name for themselves. With their new record Eros|Anteros, the band explore the extent of their potential, and get pretty damn close to achieving it all with one album.

The ten songs on this record stretch it out to around 35 minutes, quite rare for a hardcore record with only ten songs. This is due to two track at nine and eleven minutes in length, that showcase the bands more shoegaze hardcore (yes, this will become a thing) leanings. These two tracks deliver some of the more emotional parts on the record, with some awesome singing going on, as well as beautifully executed ambient guitars. It’s almost reminiscent of Alcest and Amesouers at some points, but never sounds derivative. Rather, it sounds as an extension of those two bands, as if those bands worked together in the studio and rubbed off on one another.

Album highlights include the single ‘No Rest For The Weary”, which is a killer track to hear after the build-up of the opener ‘(Beeltenis)’, which is Dutch for Effigy. Another great, more hardcore song, is ‘Condor Tongue’, which captures the band’s live sound, as if you’re right there, watching them in concert. Albums that bleed intensity and make you wish you saw them live are always great to listen to, but this entire time, you feel as if you really are there, in the front row. The band paints a picture of their live show through a studio recording, and this is extremely hard to do correctly without sounding all similar to one another. It’s especially refreshing when you understand how young the band is, because having that sound down pact is something that will keep the fans coming back for more and more.

Critiques are very few and far between here, the only being that another one or two songs would have made the record that much better. However, do not fault them for keeping this record brief; wouldn’t you rather have an amazing album and want more than have an album that’s oversaturated to the point where you wished they left some songs out? It definitely is an incentive to keep revisiting the record, and by keeping it to only ten songs, the band have assured themselves that people will come back for them, and beg for more, which bodes them well going into the future and playing shows all around the world.

Oathbreaker are the best hardcore band you’ve never heard of. This talented European group of guys has brought us one of the most emotional, punishing releases of the year. The best part? This band is still super young, and has loads of potential for the future, which is a great thing to know, because if this album is any indication of the future, the band have bigger and better things in store for them. Look out, everyone. Oathbreaker are here to show the world that hardcore can be different, interesting, and emotional, and they’re not leaving us any time soon.


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