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Prepare your most-practiced ‘no fun allowed’ faces and ready your wittiest ‘number of strings’ comments, Felix Martin is here and with a 14 string guitar in tow in support of a new record, The Scenic Album. And, honestly, it sounds amazing.

Over the last few weeks, performance videos have been pouring out of Martin’s YouTube account and each and every one has me watching, jaw to the floor. The latest goes by the name of ‘High Spirit‘ and meanders through 6+ minutes of high-intensity but tasteful guitar work backed by the thundering and precise rhythm section of Nathan Navarro and Marco Minnemann:


But it’s the three-piece suite by the name of ‘Tango‘ that I would most implore you to listen to. Coming from a metal perspective, it features more sections and passages that would feel closer to home, but even manages to sneak in parts some upbeat humppa and some grooving funk in there too. If you listen to only one new track today, make it this, as I’m pretty sure it would silence anyone suggesting that this is merely ‘self-indulgent wank’:


The Scenic Album looks set to be filled with some great tracks and should easily be one of the highlights of the latter parts of the year. Check it out when it drops on the 17th of September through Prosthetic Records. Oh, and one more, for luck.


– DL


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