Yesterday, the new single from Korn leaked online (naturally) after a radio broadcast gave the track its world premiere. Since then, the band’s management have been all over this leak and filing copyright claims left and right, so unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), you’re likely gonna have to wait to hear it in an official capacity. Until then, take my word for it when I say it’s just not good, and this is coming from a reasonable Korn fan.

In middle and high school, Korn were my favorite band. Obviously, my tastes have changed since then, but I have a soft spot for the golden days. I’ve fallen off the Korn wagon, but I did find a bit of enjoyment out of their polarizing dubstep-influenced record The Path Of Totality. This new song, however, feels like a song that could have been discarded from the Path of Totality writing sessions. ‘Never Never’ is practically guitar-less save for a few chords during the song’s chorus, which is ridiculous considering how big of a deal it should have been to have Brian ‘Head’ Welch back in the group. What a disappointment.

The sound quality of the file that made its way around was pretty terrible, so maybe the song gets better with a full production, but at this point, it sounds like neutered pop rock with a dubstep breakdown. It doesn’t bode well for The Paradigm Shift. Fingers crossed that Head was allowed to pick up a guitar. We’ll find out October 8th when the record drops via Prospect Park.

– JR

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