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If you haven’t got it yet, I’m a big fan of Sleepers Awake‘s latest outing Transcension we even managed to bring you a full stream of the album to sink your teeth into. Their meandering sludgy prog creates some exceedingly heavy and catchy tracks, most notably on the climactic album closer ‘The Fulcrum‘ which is driven by the biggest ohrwurm of an opening you’ll hear all year. And now, courtesy of the beautiful people over at Metal Injection, a video for the track has been unveiled featuring the tale of a self-proclaimed ‘Evil Dude’ and ‘Righteous Babe’:


The band also gave a statement about the creation of the video:

Like the album, this video was a labor of love… and I emphasize labor. Everyone involved sacrificed months of their weekends and free time to get this thing looking so good. We had a really small budget but the dedication of our crew helped us put together something that far exceeded initial expectations, something that is a true amalgamation of all of our artistic spirits. Creatively this video marks a fitting end to the Transcension chapter, an announcement to the world of who we are and what we’re all about, and a declaration of what’s to come.

Also, that moustache is magnificent.

– DL


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