The latest band receiving the prestige given by the Basick seal of approval is BEAR, a Belgian four-piece that pedal frantic and unrelenting mathcore that would appeal to fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch. If you follow the label at all, you’ll know that everything they sign is at the very least great and BEAR are no different, you can hear it for yourself in the teaser released in support of their latest effort Noumenon:


Label head Nathan Barley Phillips apparently approached the band after watching their set at Euroblast last year, stating:

I had the misfortune of a near-death experience when I chanced upon BEAR playing at a small venue in Germany last year… It’s not often that I genuinely fear for my own safety when watching a band, but experiencing BEAR’s live show is about as close to armageddon as it gets. I’m thrilled to welcome them to BASICK.”

Noumenon will available in October, so thankfully we don’t have too long to hear what these mental Belgians have to offer.

– DL


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