baby godzilla video

Oh Jägermeister. If you didn’t have both the consistency and taste of the worst cough medicine in the world, you’d probably be a fairly nice drink. But that hasn’t stopped noisy UK hardcore act Baby Godzilla attempting to down 10 shots of it in 30 seconds for their new video ‘Trogloraptor‘, in tribute to ‘thrash pop’ (yeah, I don’t know either) duo DZ Deathrays. It’s fast, vicious and probably worth avoiding if you have eaten or plan on eating any time soon.


Trogloraptor‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming EP Knockout Machine which will be available for free from the band’s site upon release (I can’t find any concrete release date, however). But in the meantime, if you need something a little more substantial, then you can check out the video for another track from Knockout Machine by the name of ‘A Good Idea Realised‘. Less puking in this one, more frantic hardcore.


– DL


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