iwabo boat paddle

If iwrestledabearonce are known for anything besides music, it’s for being silly. The group have never really taken themselves too seriously, which gains them equal parts love and hatred. Of course their avant garde influenced metalcore sound is in and of itself pretty carefree, they’re no strangers to ridiculous music videos, and as flamboyant as the group may have gotten in the past, it doesn’t hold a candle to their new video for ‘Boat Paddle,‘ which is some sort of weird Teletubbies/Power Rangers set up worthy of the cringe that you’re bound to experience.


So yeah, that’s pretty awkward. The butt face villain is already making its way around Facebook as a reaction image for comments, so if nothing else, we get a sweet image to use out of context.

IWABO’s new album Late For Nothing is out now on Century Media Records.

– JR


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