The Safety Fire - Mouth of Swords

With the release of ‘Glass Crush‘, we’ve heard roughly half the tracks from The Safety Fire‘s upcoming full-length Mouth Of Swords. Which is sort of strange. I guess it’s indicative of the age we live in, where teasing the album in the lead up to the release date can result in the unveiling of a huge chunk of the final material. Not that I’m complaining, this slow trickle of information definitely keeps my attention focused on the release date (September 2nd, if you wanted to know) but I can see why there’s an increase in the ‘I’ll wait until the album is released’ camp.

Regardless, The Safety Fire continue to assert themselves as one of the most talented and important acts to spawn from the UK in the last few years with the grooving stomp of ‘Glass Crush‘. Seriously, that opening riff is the stuff festival dreams are made of and McWeeney’s vocals sound more powerful and pronounced than ever, cutting through the layers of instrumentation perfectly. Listen for yourself here, on the recording of the latest BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, it starts at roughly 25 minutes in. Alternatively, you could also start at around the 22 minute for a run-through of Norma Jean’s ‘If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty‘, two great tracks in a row that way!


– DL


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